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S.I.T. toilet seats are made of high quality Duroplast (Urea) or Thermoplast.

Duroplast (DP) is an ideal material for toilet seats. A high scratch resistance, a hard surface as well as ceramics-like properties charakterize this material.
Duroplast  is skin-friendly, UV-resistant, antistatic, dust repellent, ecologically friendly and permanent inherently stable. Even burning cigarette ash will leave no marks at the surface.

Thermoplast (PP) has a pleasant and warming surface that adjusts to body temperature. This material is very robust and durable, too. Both materials are ideal for a long service life. With our toilet seats you will have pleasure for a long time.

Mounting variations
To ensure the fitting accuracy for the different cermic types, we recommend the usage of our variable eccentric hinges made of stainless steel. So the adaptiveness to many commercial ceramic types is given. Just for the repalcement this is a benefit.

How can I find the correct toilet seat?
In our guide you will learn how you will find the suitable toilet seat for your ceramic and which hinge-types will be possible for the corresponding toilet seats.

Guide: How can I find the correct toilet seat?